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I would love to consider speaking at your next event. I am a deacon and teacher at River of Life Assembly in Hood River. I speak on women in leadership (we need more), healing (yes, I believe in it), religion (I don’t care for it),  freedom (I’m all for it!) and now, POW’s and the Vietnam War (I am no expert but I’ll share what I have learned).  Tell me about your event below.


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It was so valuable when Amy came to speak to our church about the religious spirit. Her book on that subject (and also the one on healing) are two of the most well written books we have read on each topic.”

Jim and Merrily Harris, Pastors, River of Hope, Spokane, WA

Amy is ALL in with the Lord and has given her whole self to Him. Whether she is speaking to the church or teaching through her books, Amy shares His message with simplicity and power, with hope and with love.”

Sean and Janet Birtch, Pastors, Spokane, WA

Few people pursue the Lord the way I have seen Amy pursue Him. Amy is a woman who is sensitive to God’s heart. She carries the Presence, walks in the supernatural, and is powerfully anointed. When she speaks, there is life in her words, and I have no doubt the enemy desperately wishes she would be silent.”

Ray Edwards, Author and Speaker, Ray Edwards International

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