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Four Things I've Learned Since 2016

Since 2016, I’ve watched some of my fellow Christians fall into greater and greater deception. 

I’ve watched them partner, unashamedly, with a man The Message Bible calls, a “Bully-abuser.” 

I’ve watched them enable a man who calls women names. 

I’ve watched them defend a convicted felon. 

I’ve watched them deny basic, factual, truth by refusing to admit what the whole world knows - that their hero purposely lied about a “rigged and stolen” election, and then stirred a mob to commit violence on his behalf, all because he couldn't handle losing. 

I’ve watched them continue to be discipled by extremist conservative commentators, instead of by the Lord whose name they claim. 

I’ve watched them sink deeper and deeper into a web of lies. 

And I’ve asked myself, “WHO are they following?” Surely not the Holy Spirit, whose job it is to guide us into all truth, and who has no wish for us to ally ourselves with a violent, abusive, criminal. 

The answer came through much study, crying out, and seeking God through tears.

In The Judas Effect, I show, scripturally, how a masquerading spirit spun his web, and how many evangelicals flew right into it.

I’ll also show you what else I’ve learned since 2016:

  • I learned that we can be saved, and even be in a relationship with Christ, and not actually be following him. The enemy is sneaky. (See Matthew 16:23)

  • I learned that when a skilled manipulator entices us, we can betray Christ and think we are serving him. (See Galatians 3:1)

  • I learned that power corrupts, and a lust for political power can blind us to spiritual realities.

  • I learned that sometimes those who shout the loudest for Christ are just looking for attention. (See Acts 16:17)

In Scripture, we see that the enemy is a bully, a thief, an abuser, and a liar. He masquerades as someone “who can save us.” He promises to give us everything we ever wanted.


We are supposed to rebuke him. Not partner with him. 

In The Judas Effect, I talk about the hope I have for those I love who are stuck in the web. I believe that the power of truth is stronger than the lie, and eventually the spell wil

l break. The same Savior who heals and restores and delivers, will heal and restore and deliver again. 

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