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Trump is Empowered, but it's the Wrong Kind of Power.

Updated: Jul 2

I watched the presidential debates 2024 with my hands over my eyes, like many of you. One candidate exuded power, while the other. . . didn't. Truthfully, I can see why so many Christians are attracted to the power emanating from our ex-president. He possesses a strength that is almost tangible, and it is at times attractive and seductive. Many in the church are connecting with the power emanating off of him, because he promises to give them everything they want. This is precisely what makes him so dangerous.

We can all understand the concept of being attracted to something that eventually turns out to be unhealthy for us. This is what is happening here.

In Scripture, we are admonished to "test the spirits." This is because God wants to make sure we align ourselves with the right kind of power. Here are three ways we can know that the energy coming from Trump does not originate in heaven, and he does not possess the kind of power we want to align ourselves with.

  1. He is boastful and arrogant. He considers himself the ultimate strongman. In his distorted view, not only would Putin never mess with him, but he credits himself as, "the best thing that ever happened to Christianity," and as "the only one who can save us." His use of messianic phrasing to describe himself ought to alarm anyone with the Holy Spirit.

  2. His tongue is full of deceit. He declares with great energy that he never said what he said and he never did what he did. The truth is that after he lied to his mob of supporters on January 6th that the election had been "rigged and stolen," he urged them to "fight like hell," because, "they would never take our country back with weakness." Lying comes naturally to him, and the ease with which he lies makes him very convincing to those who have already been sucked in by his power.

  3. His language is that of a bully, and he is prone to abuse, name-calling, and assault. These characteristics reveal what is in his heart (Luke 6:45) and they also reveal who is actually motivating him (James 3:14-16). He has used his words to promote violence and chaos in the past, and he will do it again.

In contrast, the power that emanates from Christ, the power that he wants us to have, is peace-loving and pure. It is kind, loving, compassionate and it speaks the truth. It is not boastful or proud, but brings dignity and honor to the hearer. This is the kind of humble power that will bring heaven to earth, and ultimately glorify God.

Remember, the enemy poses as an angel of light. He promises to give us everything we ever wanted, if

only we will praise him in return. The fact that so many Christians are starry-eyed over someone with a noticeably abusive personality and criminal background is another HUGE red flag. Christians, we must be careful who we make an alignment with, because if we attach ourselves to the wrong source of power, we will find ourselves enslaved to corruption instead of obedient to Jesus.

"They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” 2 Peter 2:19"

Let me know what you thought of the debate. Leave your comment below. . . 

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